From 2018 our daily afternoon fee is $26 for permanent bookings and $28 for a casual visit. Mornings are $16.00 for permanent bookings and $18.00 for a casual visit. Vacation Care fees are $60.00 per day.

We also acknowledge the Child Care Benefit, which is a payment to help families who use approved and registered child care. Most eligible families can receive some Child Care Benefit. This can reduced your fees or allow a lump sum payment to assist with child care costs. Don’t forget it’s a parent’s responsibility to become CCB assessed by ringing the FAO on 136150 and advising us of their details otherwise full fees will apply.

Some administration costs to keep in mind

$50Annual Family Enrolment Fee paid upon first booking for each calendar year
$10Account service fee if the account is unpaid for 7 days after the day of attendance
$2Per week, each week, an account remains unpaid
$5It’s a parent’s responsibility to inform us if a child is not attending on any given booked day. Should your child be on the attendance roll and OOSH Northern Beaches has not been notified of a non-attendance and a telephone call has to be made to confirm your child’s whereabouts, this fee is applicable
$2Re-booking/cancellation fee. To change any booked days or add extra days

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