“Things I’m Unsure Of”

I don’t need my child to go to Before or After School Care today. What do I do?
What are the “extra fees” I could be charged for?
Will I be charged for absent days?
What will my child be doing during the afternoon?
Should I pack some afternoon tea?
What if my child forgets to go to After School Care?
Will the other children pick on my Kindy child?
Will the staff think I’m “neurotic” if I ask how my child is settling in?
Something has come up and I need my child to go to After School Care and I haven’t booked them in. What should I do?
What time does the centre open and close?
How do children generally feel about coming to After School Care?
We trust that we have answered the most commonly asked questions about the OOSH Northern Beaches Kids Clubs.

If you should have any other questions, please call Head Office on 9984 8089 or email manager@ooshnb.com.au

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