At Before School Care we cater for a light breakfast until 8am. This can include, toast with spreads, cereal & milk, pikelets, crumpets, etc. After this time, parents are welcome to supply some cereal or breakfast food with your child and we can provide milk. Children arriving after this time will be expected to have had breakfast already.

Our staff will ensure your child does eat before going to into the school community.

Afternoon tea is provided daily at approximately 4.00pm.

At After School Care afternoon tea is provided, and includes crumpets, nachos, wraps, yoghurt & fruit, pasta, cheese & crackers, vegies sticks & dip, sandwiches, pancakes, fruit salad and various other healthy snacks as well as drinks.

Our cooking skills in the kitchen are legendary; and as the children all help to make their own afternoon tea, with a lot of flair and imagination it’s amazing what comes out of our oven. The ‘yummy tummy’ menu can be viewed on the noticeboard and we value parent’s feedback.

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