“Things I’m Unsure Of”

I don’t need my child to go to Before or After School Care today. What do I do?
You need to mark your child absent through your My Family Lounge account either online or via the MFL mobile phone app (both through the casual booking calendar).
It is essential and the parent’s responsibility to advise whether their child will be absent from the Centre on a day they are booked in and not our responsibility to telephone to confirm a missing child’s whereabouts, there is an additional charge if staff are required to follow up a non-attendance which we haven’t been advised of. It is not sufficient to advise the school that your child will be absent.

You must mark your child absent from ASC through your My Family Lounge account prior to 2:30pm. After this time, or in an emergency, a message must be left on the Centre’s direct number. Alternatively you can contact Head Office on 02 9984 8089 or via email at [email protected] but on the day of a non-attendance your message may not be forwarded on to the Centre in time as there can be times when Head Office is not monitored all day.

What are the “extra fees” I could be charged for?
$75Annual Family Enrolment Fee paid upon first booking for each calendar year
$10Account Service fee if the account is unpaid 14 days after charging.
$2Per week, each week, an account remains unpaid
$5It’s a parent’s responsibility to inform us if a child is not attending on any given booked day. Should your child be on the attendance roll and OOSH Northern Beaches has not been notified of a non-attendance and a telephone call has to be made to confirm your child’s whereabouts, this fee is applicable
$2Re-booking/cancellation fee. To change any booked days or add extra days
$20The collection of any child after 6pm (or after your centre closes) will incur a late fee of $20.00 for every 10 minutes, or part thereof. This fee will be added to your account and charged in the next charging cycle.
Will I be charged for absent days?
As a general rule, we do not give “credits” for days not attended. Should your child not be attending, for example student camps, holidays etc, 1 weeks prior notice in writing is requested otherwise payment will continue for these days.

If your child is away from Kids Club due to illness for 3 consecutive days and you are able to provide a doctors certificate within 7 days, please contact Head Office on 9984 8089 or [email protected] to discuss a credit on your account.

What will my child be doing during the afternoon?
Your child will have a choice of many activities including indoor craft activities, board games, cooking, gardening, colouring in/painting, using the computer, group games and outdoor playing, on the outdoor equipment and the oval, organised sporting games and activities ………….just to name a few!
Should I pack some afternoon tea?
No – not unless they are allergic to fresh fruit, pasta, fresh sandwiches, cheese, vegetable sticks, yoghurt, spaghetti, noodles, home-made pizzas etc.
What if my child forgets to go to After School Care?
We have a list of children enrolled for the day and the Kindy class teacher has a weekly roll to remind each child. Initially, a staff member waits outside the Kindy classrooms to collect the Children and walk them to the kids club.

As the children’s confidence grows, staff will watch the kids walk the short distance to the kids club and we conduct a roll call immediately to account for everybody. We will call you immediately if there is any problem. It is a good idea to tie a ribbon to their bag to remind them on the days they should be attending or use the ‘OOSH bands’ and place it around your child’s wrist.

Will the other children pick on my Kindy child?
Not at all!! The older children will be in awe of your Kindy child’s cuteness and size. They will include them in games and read them stories; generally they seem to take an older “sister/brother” role.

Also, the Kindy kids get a kick out of being recognised in the playground by the older kids they have met at the kids club.

Will the staff think I’m “neurotic” if I ask how my child is settling in?
Absolutely not. Parent interaction is an important part of our day. Please feel free to ask Staff any questions you like regarding your child’s responses and/or needs.
Something has come up and I need my child to go to After School Care and I haven’t booked them in. What should I do?
Don’t worry – you can book your child in casually through your My Family Lounge account, subject to availability. In an emergency simply phone your relevant Kids Club Centre to arrange a booking. Alternatively you can call Head Office on 9984 8089 or email [email protected], however Head Office may at times not be monitored all day. If your child is not aware of the arrangements it is the parent’s responsibility to then ring the child’s school to let them know that your child needs to attend ASC.
What time does the centre open and close?
Mornings our Centre opens at 7am. A light breakfast is served until 8am and are open until school starts. Afternoons run from when school finishes and all children are to be picked up by 6:00p.m. Staff are employed till 6:00pm, so if you think you will be late, please call the staff on the Centre number. A staff member will stay with your child for the the extra time. You will be charged $20 per 10 minutes or part thereof.
How do children generally feel about coming to After School Care?
They love it. Where else can they be a part of a group of different ages, experience new challenges, improve their skills and not be spending their time glued to an electronic device or television set?
We trust that we have answered the most commonly asked questions about the OOSH Northern Beaches Kids Clubs.

If you should have any other questions, please call Head Office on 9984 8089 or email [email protected]

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