Fact Sheet

As an OOSH Northern Beaches parent it is your responsibility to:-

  1. Ensure that your enrolment form is up-to-date and all contact numbers are current and correct.

  2. If you are separated from your partner please ensure you have separate accounts.

  3. Apply to the Family Assistance Office (136150) to be CCB assessed for fee reductions or the 50% childcare rebate and advise head office of the details.

  4. Ensure your Centrelink details are correct on the enrolment form.
  5. Any court papers are to be up to date and submitted.
  6. Ensure you have booked your child/ren in – we cannot be responsible for children without a booking if you have forgotten to change your bookings, or rollover your bookings for the start of each year, through your My Family Lounge account.
  7. Ensure all allergies, food restrictions, medication requirements are noted on your enrolment form.

  8. Mark your child absent through your My Family Lounge account or Contact the Centre and leave a message should your child/ren NOT be attending this (pre-booked) afternoon. Daily fees will still be charged. This IS an important issue.
  9. Ensure your child has an OOSH Band and wears it on the days they will be attending. 

  10. Sign your child/ren in/out through QK Kiosk using your own PIN on the tablet provided at the Kids Club Centre, in front of a staff member.

  11. Check out the program of activities. Your co-operation and participation ensures its success.
  12. Please remember to acknowledge Staff on arrival, especially in front of your child/ren.
  13. Check lost property box regularly.
  14. If you know in advance your child won’t be attending OOSH (school camps, holidays etc) please ensure you have given Head Office 7 days’ notice in writing otherwise fees will be charged. 

  15. Please note afternoon tea is usually served around 4.00pm and normally will not be available for children being collected prior to 3.50pm.

And finally, ring OOSH Northern Beaches on 02 9984 8089 or email [email protected] during normal business hours and speak to Head Office should you have any further queries.

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