We have a great range of Carers with OOSH Northern Beaches. We place employees at our various centres on the Northern Beaches in Team Leader and Assistant positions.

A majority of our carers are studying education, child services or have a strong interest in working with children. If this sounds like you please contact us via email today. (Don’t forget to attach your resume with a cover letter stating the days you are available to work at both before & after school care!)

Positions Vacant

OOSH Assistant

The assistant is directly responsible to the Licencee / Nominated Supervisor of the Centre and on day to day matter they are responsible to the co-ordinator.

General Responsibilities

    • To assist with the day to day running of the centre as directed by the Co-ordinator.
    • To maintain appropriate standard of dress, speech, behaviour, punctuality, dependability and initiative.
    • To be aware of emergency procedures & centre policies and procedures.
    • To fulfil their job description.

Specific Responsibilities

    • To supervise children at all times, ensuring their well-being and safety.
    • To treat each child with dignity and respect regardless of age, sex, race, religion, culture, language, background or disability.
    • To recognise needs of children at different stages of development.
    • To assist actively in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the daily program.
    • To offer children the opportunity to make choices and decisions about what should happen in the centre.
    • To form positive, supportive and unbiased relationships with children.
    • To follow the centres policy on behaviour management.
Parents and families
    • To treat all parents with respect regardless of age, sex, race, religion, culture, language, background or disability.
    • To establish and maintain a good relationship with parents.
    • To communicate positively with parents regarding their children.
    • To develop and maintain a co-operative relationship with all staff in order to ensure a smoothly running centre and a happy stimulating environment for all children.
    • To attend staff meetings regularly and to contribute to discussion.
    • To take an active part in all daily routines.
    • To work co-operatively with all students, volunteer and casual staff.
    • To be aware of local services and resources.
    • To be aware of the combination of different social groups and their needs in your community.
    • To maintain positive public relations with local school, groups and authorities.
Buildings and Equipment
    • To keep the centre (including toilet area) clean and tidy.
    • To report equipment that requires repairs or replacement.
    • To be part of the day to day housekeeping routines that is necessary for the maintenance of the centre in good repair.
Professional Development
    • To be willing to attend in-service workshops and conferences as appropriate.
    • To participate in staff appraisals and accept directions for future improvement.

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