Our Philosophy

Standards of Care

OOSH Northern Beaches operates in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) including the National Quality Framework (NQF) and the framework for school age care in Australia, My Time Our Place (MTOP).


At OOSH Northern Beaches we recognise that the attitudes, skills and knowledge developed in a child’s early years at school provide a basis for that child’s learning in later years. We believe that in order to develop their highest potential, we need to provide an environment that promotes positive attitudes to learning. We wish to provide a relaxed, safe and caring environment where children can have fun through participating in a diverse range of age appropriate yet stimulating activities.

We believe in supporting the individual needs of all children and families, therefore we value the input of parents.

We strive to provide a program with group play, free play and individual activities so children have an opportunity to interact with staff and peers as well as have some self-time to “unwind”.

  • We aim to provide children and their families with a centre in which they will feel comfortable, secure and happy.
  • We encourage understanding of the diversity in all families and children.
  • We provide an environment that is stimulating, creative, relevant and educational, as well as fun.
  • We provide children with valuable play activities in which they are freeto make choices, work as individuals or as part of a group within set limits. In this we aim to promote self-esteem, encourage children to think independently and develop confidence.
  • We provide a program that respects the rights of family’s individual beliefs and customs and we aim to provide children with an understanding of other cultures.
  • Children will be encouraged and coached in ways to discuss problems and to cope with frustrations.
  • Children will be encouraged to be independent and responsible. They are also encouraged to respect the rights of others and to embrace differences.
  • We actively promote parent involvement in the Centre and welcome questions, comments and participation within the program. In this we aim to be flexible and responsive to suggestion.
  • We regard the health and safety of the children as a paramount concern and part of our everyday actions and programming.
  • We promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and support for the children and for one another.
  • We aim not to be bias and avoid making comparisons betweenchildren.