Dear New/Kindy Parents,

It is important that you are aware that all Kindergarten children will have a guaranteed place in after school care in the current year provided you have completed and submitted their enrolment form and booking requests through your My Family Lounge account prior to the school year commencing.

On that all important first day at Kids Club, we have a simple routine to assist your child to settle into the After School Care environment. We hope by now your child has had an inspection of our Centre but if not don’t worry, we will look after that for you.

To put your mind at rest, initially two designated Carers will collect the Kindergarten children from their individual classrooms. The Teachers are provided with a weekly roll as to who is attending the Kids Club each afternoon. We also have ‘OOSH bands’ available and parents are able to place these bands on their child’s wrist before leaving home in the morning to remind them they must attend the Kids Club in the afternoon (it’s a good reminder for the teacher as well).

A roll call is conducted and the children will not leave until any non-attendances are accounted for. A Carer will liaise with the Kindergarten Teachers in relation to before and after school care requirements daily and upon arrival at Kids Club will show the children where to place their school bags and will remain with the Kindergarten children throughout the afternoon.

The children are introduced to each other and the staff will already be aware of any particular need your child may have, based on the information we have received from you prior to this day. The children are shown around the Kids Club and we explain as much as we feel the children are able to absorb, considering they have also likely just had their first day of school.

After being shown around we finish up in the quiet area, we sit them down for a simple chat about some basic rules and question time. At this point the Carer may read a book, tell stories, ask questions and attend to any requirements your child may have. Together, the Carers will discuss a buddy system with older children for each of the children once we have had time to talk to the children and gain some feedback. When the older children arrive, their roll call will be conducted away from the Kindergarten children and the older children are made aware of the presence of the Kindergarten children, and what is expected of them to assist the younger children settle in for their first few days.

Slowly the Kindergarten children will be “introduced” into the program and start to mix with the other children as their confidence level grows. From past experience we do find that many of the Kindergarten children are keen to join in the fun as soon as possible, but this is judged by the Carers at the time.

After some play time we seat all the children together for afternoon tea. This happens between 3.50pm and 4.15pm. Sometimes afternoon tea will run to about 4.30pm as the Kindy’s become used to sitting with the “big kids”. We do suggest that you try not to collect your child before or during afternoon tea as this seems to be an important time of the afternoon for the kids and they can become upset if they miss out on afternoon tea.

Games are then organised with all the kids and the Kindy’s are able to join in if they wish or they can have some quiet time to reflect on the day. Our Carers will be able to assess how your child is handling the afternoon.

At your first collection time please see a member of staff for assistance in setting up your own PIN to enable you to sign your child out. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you would like as we are only too happy to assist in any way we can.

We look forward to the induction period of the children running smoothly and please feel free to contact us during the afternoon should you have any concerns, queries or just want to hear that your child is settling in well. Rest assured we will contact you should we have any concerns what-so-ever but experience shows the Kindy Kids become more adaptive each year.

We look forward to that all important first day with your child.

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