Vacation Care

 Dear Families, Due to incomplete remedial work presently being undertaken at the St John’s Narraweena School Hall, where our vacation care program is usually conducted, we have had to make a change to our vacation care program location for the upcoming school holidays. The full vacation care program will be held at Cromer Kids Club at Cromer Public School (entry in Carcoola Road Cromer). It is an unfortunate and unavoidable situation and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.   Please note: Due to the overwhelming demand for places at our vacation care programs, to ensure equitable access for places rolls will no longer be open for booking until week 7 of the preceding term. Also, cancellations of vacation care bookings can now only be made with no less than 7 days notice. Outside of this notice period you will only be able to mark your child absent and full fees will apply. 

All families wishing to attend our Vacation Care program will now need a My Family Lounge account to enable online enrolment and bookings of their children at OOSH Northern Beaches. If you have previously used our services and do not as yet have a My Family Lounge account, please contact Head Office before proceeding with registration. If you are new to OOSH Northern Beaches please register here.

Before proceeding with registration for a My Family Lounge account please read
our How-to-guide and Troubleshooting information.

All Vacation Care and Pupil Free Day bookings need to be made via our casual booking calendar either through your My Family Lounge account online or through the My Family Lounge phone app (which is available for download via our website). Please do not make your vacation care bookings through the recurring booking option. Video instructions are as below.

Please note: All children who do not currently attend Cromer Public School, Pittwater House Schools or St Johns Primary School, Narraweena will need to be enrolled in, and book for, Vacation Care by selecting St Johns Kids Club.

OOSH Northern Beaches operates Vacation Care at one central location – St Johns, Narraweena. We welcome everyone, regardless of which school your child attends, to join us at this service.

We will accept children of school age for vacation care if they are beginning school that same year.

Some Councils and Vacation Care operators do not accept children unless they have commenced school.

All children must be pre-booked for our program. Our Vacation Care Centre opens from 7.00am to 6.00pm. Please advise if your child/ren require collection earlier than 3.30pm on any day as this is when we usually return from excursions.

On excursion days, child/ren should be at the centre by 8.45am in preparation for a 9.00am departure on our bus. Should your child not be present by 9.00am they may miss out on the excursion for the day.

Each day apart from the scheduled program, there are sport, games, and art & craft experiences provided. Children may bring Board Games, Videos or DVD’s, at their own risk.

On in-centre days, morning tea is at approx. 10.15am & lunch is at approx. 12.30pm. We attempt to have afternoon at approx. 3.15-3.30pm, but this is usually prepared by the children so the time may vary slightly (and dependant on the return time from an excursion).

Children are to bring enough food and drink for morning tea and lunch. Afternoon tea is provided (unless specified or any special dietary requirements).

Please ensure lunches will not spoil on the warmer days (include an ice pack for example). Please encourage your child/ren to eat all their lunch as we are not able to check lunch boxes to ensure children have eaten their meals.

Our vacation care program is usually online by the 6th or 7th week of term.

We also offer care on Pupil Free days (School Development Days). Pupil Free days usually occur at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3 and the last two days of the school year. Check with your school, as schools may vary some of these dates.

If you need care on any of the pupil free days please book through our casual booking calendar via your My Family Lounge account.

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