We offer a range of supervised, age appropriate activities that encourage the children to interact with their friends. All activities are designed to be enjoyable, as we strive to make OOSH Northern Beaches Kids Clubs a place of fun and of learning through play.

We try to encourage a relaxing, enjoyable environment for the children, that is different from their daily school routine, but also furthers their learning processes.

Inside activities that encourage the children to use their own imagination such as dress ups, designing clay models and many more. The children also have the opportunity to learn about cooking by making some amazing baked goods.

Various craft activities such as soap making, peg constructions, painting, marbling, paddle pop stick constructions and papier Mache encourages the children’s cognitive as well as fine motor skills.

Outside activities include games such as T Ball, cricket, handball, basketball, which help to develop hand eye coordination, and various other games and activities, which encourage gross motor skills.

At OOSH Northern Beaches Kids Clubs we are very democratic and a vote is normally taken on a choice of outdoor activities to be held on the day, but there is always the opportunity to sit under a tree and read a book.

HOMEWORK is encouraged on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and we encourage all staff to assist in this procedure.

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